10 Minutes To A Great Ass!

Get Yourself Some Buns Of Steel

Learn about moves that will help you to do multi-tasking so that you can sculpt a younger and a firmer body. Squats are not the only way to get a firmer butt and back. Squatting can become a bit boring after a while.

There are several other variations in exercise that can help you in achieving a better and a firmer body. These moves could be practiced for a minute and reps can be completed before resting for half a minute and moving on to the next move. Learn about the moves and how to do them to sculpt a firmer butt and back.

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1. Goblet Squat into Overhead Press
Start with feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart, holding one weight vertically close to your chest. Bend knees and lower into a squat, bringing elbows inside knees. Return to standing, pressing weight overhead.
Expert tip: Press through your heels as you return to standing.
2. Plié Squat into X Lift
Stand with feet wide, toes out and heels in, holding one weight in each hand. Bend knees and lower into a plié squat, arms extended toward floor. Press through heels to return to standing as you lift weights to chest height, palms facing you and elbows bent at shoulder height. Without moving elbows, raise forearms, bringing weights above shoulders with palms facing out. Immediately reverse the move, lowering back down into a plié squat.
Expert tip: Squeeze your thighs as you straighten your legs.

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