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3 Day Potty Training Review

Is 3 Day Potty Training For Real?

It was one fine day in our living room when then 20-month old son was playing with our 26-month old neighbor. As I happily observed their wordless but noisy conversation, I couldn’t help but notice the pajamas worn by my son’s playmate. His behind seemed a lot flatter, compared to my son’s bulky diapered bottom. I was so curious that I discreetly touched his behind, and I was very surprised to not feel his diapers because he was not wearing any! I felt so much panic for fear that he might pee on our couch, and I felt a little upset with the boy’s nanny for leaving him bare at my home. When the boy’s nanny finally arrived to fetch him, I asked her why the boy wasn’t wearing any diapers, and I was shocked when she told me that he hadn’t been wearing them since his 18th month! My secret frustration and panic towards the diaper-less incident suddenly turned into envy. That was when I realized that during the whole playdate, he didn’t leave any mess in my house at all.

I never got to know the boy’s parents personally because they were always out for work. So I asked the nanny further about how they did it. She explained that the boy always had diaper rash despite a lot of treatments they had tried. The boy’s parents purchased an e-book called Start Potty Training by Carol Cline, printed it and let the nanny alone read and follow it. I was so amazed when she told me that she was the only one who trained the boy for three days. She only briefed the parents on how they could help during potty training, and she revealed to me that they had little participation because they themselves were skeptical about it. But the parents eventually noticed great progress when even before the boy could even speak, he already had special sound codes for “pee-pee” and “poo-poo”.

Because I didn’t want to appear envious or desperate in asking the nanny for a blow-by-blow story about her potty training experience with the kid, I decided to get my own copy of Start Potty Training. With a claimed success rate of 97.4%, it also promises to work in three short days or less. The e-book included free reward charts and certificates, a complimentary coaching program from Carol Tice herself, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. I wasn’t really planning to apply the book right away, but as I quickly finished reading it, I felt like both my son and I were ready. With Carol Cline’s reliable experience as a mother of four and a hands-on daycare business owner, she wrote the book in a very conversational manner, yet it was full of useful information and detailed advice on the many possible scenarios that one may unexpectedly encounter during the whole potty training process. Her way of writing really gave me a clear vision of me and my son becoming successful in three days, as what the book guaranteed.

The well-organized plan incorporated the six crucial building blocks that she describes to be critical to potty training success. I realized that this wasn’t just a detailed technical manual, as it also involves psychological and emotional aspects in potty training. The six building blocks were on (1) preparing my child, (2) preparing myself as a positive, persistent, and consistent parent, (3) getting through the toughest first day, (4) continuing potty training at night, (5) hanging on and progressing during the following two days, and finally (6) dealing with pee-pee and poo-poo accidents. I must admit that my potty training journey had been really tough, but the book has already prepared me for it. Every worst case scenario had an action plan, emphasizing the need to fix any mess in a calm manner. I learned to control my own emotions and frustrations, and actually became more understanding of my child as Carol Cline effectively demonstrated how to take things from a child’s perspective.

I have to stress that the book does not promise an easy-breezy potty training experience. It is also important that the parent actually devotes three full days, day and night, in order to fully succeed. I also believe that this book will not work for parents who are impatient and not really hands-on. I must admit that this seemed to be the hardest and longest three days of my life, because my toddler did have some hits and misses in his diaper-free potty training. But it was actually more rewarding than challenging, when on the third night my son proudly showed me how he used the potty on his own. It was a huge celebration for our family! With diapers no longer in our grocery list, I was so happy to have saved a lot of money too soon. His accidental pee-pee’s rarely happened in a week and it seems to happen less and less now, just like a toddler who just learned to run fast but would occasionally fall. If you are ready and able to commit three full days to potty train your child, I definitely highly recommend this to you!


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