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7 Things You Should Know About Daily Contact Lenses

What You Should Know About Daily Contacts

contact on fingerFor many people the process of putting in your contacts is second nature.

  1. Daily contact lenses are exactly what they sound like – lenses that are worn for one day, and then replaced. Often known as daily disposable lenses because they’re literally disposed of after a single use, wearers can use a new, fresh pair every day. Daily disposables are soft contact lenses, usually made from the same material (silicone-hydrogel) as extended-wear lenses, but can differ in their shape, curvature or thickness.
  2. Daily disposables have a variety of benefits. They’re far easier to use as there’s less time involved – just open up a new pack every day, and throw the old ones away, no cleaning required. They can be preferable for people who undertake activities where there’s a likelihood of losing a lens, for example swimmers. If they did lose one, they wouldn’t have to worry about a replacement as they’d already have a fresh pair at home. Dailies can also be more suitable for those with allergies or other eye problems, as they limit the amount of antigens and proteins deposited. And, for those that only have to use contacts infrequently rather than every day, daily contact lenses can be ideal.
  3. There are, however, some disadvantages of using daily contact lenses too. One of these is price. It’s a fairly well-known fact that daily disposables are usually pricier than longer-wear lenses, for the simple fact that you need more of them! And, daily disposables aren’t suitable for all vision problems. You may have a condition or severity where disposables aren’t sufficient, or they may not be available in your specifications.
  4. Daily contact lenses are much easier to take care of than any other kind. Just open a new pack every morning, throw the used pair away at night, and you’re done. Make sure that you store the packs safely to prevent any damage being done to them, and never use a pair if the package has been tampered with or damaged in anyway.
  5. You do, however, still need to bear in mind the proper safety procedures as with any other type of lens. Daily disposable lenses should never be worn overnight for fear of infection, and make sure you don’t get any grit in the lenses to prevent irritation.
  6. As with a lot of other types of lenses, daily contacts lenses can come in a variety of colors for those that want to change the color of their eyes. Ask your eye care specialist what’s available, and do research yourself so you can see the options.
  7. Make sure that you purchase your daily contact lenses from a reputable source. You should always go to a trusted eye care specialist to have an eye test before starting to use any prescription lens, as they’ll have to decide the right type of lens and the strength that you’ll need. Never get your daily contact lenses from anywhere other than a professional source.