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Ways To Walk More During The Day

Imagine for just a moment...

​that you found more ways to walk tomorrow.  Would you get back on track to be healthy?

The modern world is all about convenience. We can have pizzas delivered to us in the bath tub, have a car pick us up anywhere on a moments notice using our smartphones, and soon, drones will be delivering Amazon packages within an hour of being ordered.

When it comes to exercise, nothing is more convenient than walking. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and it costs nothing. For something that’s been shown to help shed body fat, lower blood pressure, increase lifespan, increase intelligence, and prevent arthritis; walking is the Holy Grail of exercise. And that over-used excuse of not having time to exercise doesn’t work here. Below are 7 ways to incorporate walking into your daily routine.

Morning Coffee Walk

walk while you drink coffee

Coffee thermoses weren’t made exclusively for your car. Taking time to walk around your block each morning with a cup of coffee is a great way to organize your thoughts for the day ahead.

Walking Breaks

It’s easy to become overwhelmed at work when you spend the whole day sitting in one spot. Walking around for 20 minutes in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon is a perfect way to recharge and increase productivity.

Walk During Lunch

walk for lunch

If you typically drive to go get lunch, don’t. Pick a place within a mile or two of your office and walk there. This gives you a break from the monotonous drive-work-drive routine, and increases your metabolism which prevents weight-gain.

Walking Meetings

Why do conversations with colleagues always happen in a boardroom? If a meeting doesn’t require a projector or computers, set the meeting for an outdoor walk. For strategy sessions that require creative thought this would be particularly beneficial.

Walk After Work

Spending time with family members and friends as you walk down the street creates stronger bonds than watching T.V. together. Don’t waste the time that modern technology tries to steal from us, spend it with those that you care about.

Walk After Dinner

walk after dinner

A short 15 minute walk after eating has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity which reduces the amount of fat your body stores.

Walk Just Before Bed

walk before bed

The blue light emitted from T.V.’s, cell phones, tablets, and computers has been shown to disrupt circadian rhythm and prevent a good night’s sleep. This can lead to hypertension and weight-gain down the line, so it’s important to find an alternative activity besides checking Facebook and watching House of Cards. Walking is a perfect way to de-stress and detach from the day’s demands.

Don’t let the simplicity of walking trick you into thinking it’s ineffective. I would argue that walking is the most beneficial activity we could take part in to become healthier.