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8 Musts When Getting Prescription Colored Contacts

1. When deciding to get prescription colored contact lenses, always choose a reputable optician to get your eyes tested first. It’s recommended that you get an eye test at least every two years – this is even more important when you have a prescription, so the optician can keep an eye on any changes that may be occurring in the eyes. Always have a test before you change contacts lenses so they can measure the eye and the strength of prescription needed.

prescription-colorchart2. Decide on a brand of color contact lenses to go for. While you may be offered professional recommendations of the best ones to use when you have them fitted, it’s always a good idea to research them first so you know what you’re looking for. There’s such a vast amount of prescription colored contacts to choose from, that it’s best to learn about some of them first rather than having to make a decision on the spot.

3. Always get your prescription colored contacts from a reputable source. While it may be tempting to choose an unknown brand, especially if they’re cheaper, never accept them. They won’t have undergone the same tests as brand names so you may not be getting what you think. They almost certainly won’t help correct your vision in any way and even if they do, will be more likely to cause long-term damage to your eyes.

4. Always make sure your eyes have got the correct prescription before choosing colored contacts. Eyes need to be properly measured to make sure the lens will fit comfortably, and the strength needs to be right so you can see properly when using them.

5. Decide on the color to go for. You may want to enhance you natural color, change it to a new color or go for a completely outrageous design – prescription colored contacts can offer all of these options.

6. Make sure you know how to care for your lenses before taking them home. As with any contacts, prescription colored contact lenses need to be properly cared for with thorough cleaning and rinsing, as well as careful storage, to ensure that no damage comes to them or your eyes. If you need advice on how to care for them, ask your optician.

7. Always remember the rules for proper use when wearing your prescription colored contacts. As with any lenses they should be taken out before sleeping to avoid any infection or damage to the eye. It is advised that colored contact lenses are worn even less than non-colored ones because of their slightly different properties.

8. Bear in mind that prescription colored contacts can often cause mild irritation when first inserted, although this usually fades after time. Once the eyes have become accustomed to them, they can not only correct your vision but can be a great accessory as well.

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