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A Quick And Easy Recipe For Antioxidant Intake On The Go!

A No-Brainer Recipe That Takes Minutes To Make

We can read about antioxidants and their benefits in combating free radicals, but when it comes to whipping up a palatable recipe, most of us are left scratching our heads.

We’re bombarded by so many shortcuts to success and one-step secrets that we’re left with our heads spinning as to what fad or miracle recipe we try out first.

Thankfully, we’ve whipped up a quick recipe that allows for the maximum intake of antioxidants with no hassle or cost. There’s no magic behind this antioxidant recipe, just plain and simple nutritional science.

No more need for special equipment or secret methodologies to make this. Read below to find out how.

via nutriliving.com


½ Tall Cup Spinach

1 Banana

½ Orange

½ Cup Brown Rice

1 Brazil nut

To Max Line Almond Milk


Add all solid ingredients into tall cup

Fill to MAX line with liquids

Blend until smooth, approximately 30 seconds

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