Amalaki Amla, The Rich Resource Of Vitamin C And Anti-oxidants

One of the fruits you have never heard of

Amalaki Amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the plants that are enriched with vitamin c. One Amalaki has more vitamin c then combined amount of vitamin c in 20 oranges which makes it a huge advantage for human beings.

In addition to this it also carries a number of anti-oxidants in it too. These anti-oxidants are extremely helpful in maintaining the circulation of blood normal and lowering the chances of liver diseases.

The article below will explain more about this amazing plant.


Amalaki Amla or Indian gooseberry is a standout amongst the most renowned plants in the traditionaly Ayurvedic natural pharmaceutical.

1 Amalaki equals 20 oranges

Removes toxins from the liver

Prevents cancer and helps in its treatment

Natural cure for diabetes

It soothes stomach aches

For beautiful skin, hair and nails

Accelerates skin recovery

Mask which stimulates growth and nourishes the hair

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