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You Like it Hot? Then You are Gonna Live Longer

Hot and spicy foods have health benefits too Pin0 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 ​According to recent studies, eating spicy foods have health benefits to the body because these spices can ward off serious illnesses. ​Spices contain ingredients that are anti-oxidants, anti-cancer and anti-obesity among other things. ​It is then believed that people who consume spices are most […]

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The Ultimate Infographic On Free Radicals

​Easy To Understand, Easy To Read, Easy To Master Being busy is not a badge of honor, but rather the status quo for most, if not all, working adults. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to be productive, spend time with our loved ones, and learn about something new and informative.​ Sometimes we’re too busy to […]

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3 Day Potty Training Review

Is 3 Day Potty Training For Real? It was one fine day in our living room when then 20-month old son was playing with our 26-month old neighbor. As I happily observed their wordless but noisy conversation, I couldn’t help but notice the pajamas worn by my son’s playmate. His behind seemed a lot flatter, […]

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Cancer Fighting Foods

The List Of Foods That Attack Cancer Cells And Fight The Causes Of Their GrowthWhat you consume in food and drink has significant consequences for your health, and recent research has shown that adopting a healthier diet can greatly reduce the risk of cancer.An organic diet of fruit and vegetables, such as carrots and pomegranates, […]

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Top Five Juices Jampacked With Antioxidants

Fruit Juices That Taste Great And Make You Feel Your BestEverybody loves to drink juice. It’s been a habit of ours since we were children to carry around juice boxes during recess. As we grow older, our beloved juices have been replaced by drinks like beer, wine, sodas, and a multitude of other liquids that no […]

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What an Antioxidant-Rich Diet Does for You

Healthy Living At The Cellular LevelAntioxidants are a known countermeasure against free radical proliferation in the body. Antioxidants do this by neutralizing free radicals running rampant in the system. Neutralized free radicals cannot then proliferate and create more free radicals and more damage. An antioxidant-rich diet ensures all these happen, as well as improve complexion, eyesight, […]

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A Food Combination For Anti-aging

And it’s so Guiltless, You Won’t Believe ItPaleo dietitians have long bragged of the benefits of antioxidant-rich foods, reporting improved overall well-being and a cut down on premature aging to name a few.With anti-aging factors in mind, it initially came as a surprise the amounts of antioxidants found in certain food, such as chocolate, chia, […]

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