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The Right Way To Go About Detoxification

It’s More Than Just A 3-Day Diet!In the health and fitness circles, detox has been all the rage for quite some time now. Mostly, people try to use detoxification for weight loss, and for removing other symptoms that may be caused by accumulation of toxins in the body. What is not widely known is that once […]


Is The Lemon Detox Diet Right For You?

Know More About The “Master Cleanse”Although it has been around for nearly 50 years, the lemon detox diet, or Master Cleanse, has been recently made really popular by celebrity Beyoncé Knowles. The detox plan means, for at least 10 days, consuming a cleansing, rejuvenating drink made with lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. This can seem […]


The Perfect Juice To Detoxify

Boost Natural Detoxification With This Juice RecipeThere was a time when our bodies were extremely efficient at flushing out harmful toxins. Sadly, the amount of chemicals we burden our systems with these days make it impossible for the natural processes to be enough.It is easy, though, to go on a diet for a while that […]


Eliminate Toxins The Natural Way

Remedies To Eliminate Toxins From The BodyHow do we free our body of toxins that accumulate in the body due to pollution and consuming processed food in excessive amounts? A rise in the toxins level within the body can cause fatigue, skin problems, constipation, cancer etc. These detoxification diets can be practiced at home. By this detoxification […]


Natural Way To Treat Drug Withdrawal

​An Effective Treatment For Substance Abuse And DetoxificationDetoxification and de-addiction have never been easy. It is the darkest period in one’s life filled with both physical and emotional pain. However with ear acupuncture detoxification method provide slight is relief. Patients who went with auricular acupuncture treatment for addiction and detoxification have experienced lesser relapses with no […]


Do You Think You Need A Liver Detox? Find Out!

When Do You Need To Flush Out Impurities From The LiverAre you passionate about leading a healthy life? You do not know what detox program should you opt for. Do you know the signs of an impaired liver?The liver is the major part of our body for performing detoxification activity. Liver detox can enhance the […]


Why You Should Use Water Detox Therapy

Live Healthy With Water Detox TherapyDo you want to feel energized? Do you want to increase your productivity level? Incorporate these yummy detox practices in your day to day life to stay happy always. It is best to use natural food that are easily and cheaply available for detoxifying the body This therapy will not only […]


Discover The Benefits of Sleep Detoxification

The Positive Effects Of Sleep DetoxificationWhat is more important to the human body sleep or food? Has this question even cropped into your mind. The answer is sleep. Sound sleep always rejuvenates and energizes a tired body. A good night’s sleep cleanses you mentally mainly because during this time we get detached from the laptop, phone […]


Simple Ways To Detox The Body

​Detox To Live A Healthy And Long LifeDetox when done the right way can prove excellent in improving your health and overall functioning of the body. The best way to detox is to gulp down fresh uncooked sprouts, salads, vegetables and fruits. “You reap what you sow”, you will notice positive results of your actions soon. […]


Detoxing? Try These 10 Best Juices

Fresh fruit juices to help cleanse your bodyThere are different ways to detox. Some health buffs suggest to follow a strict meal plan for over a period of time.Some say to have a fruit and vegetable diet. Some even suggest to remove dairy and meat while undergoing the detox regime. Whatever strategy you use for your […]


Effective Ways To Reduce Belly Size

End Unnecessary Habits To Reduce The Size Of Your BellyThe fat that gathers around the waist and belly can become menacing to your health. Belly fat is considered to be more harmful than other types of fat, since it is related to an increase in the risk of developing severe health problems. Some habits of yours […]


Detox Health – What You Should Do After Your Hibernation

Its that time of year again when people start talking about detoxing their body after a long winter of being cooped up indoors and taking in heavier foods. Is it just a fad, or is it something that you can benefit from? Detoxification is the process whereby you eliminate toxic matter from your body by […]

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