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Val Kilmer’s Weight Loss Secret Revealed

He finally did what many are still trying to do…Val Kilmer, known as one of the past hollywood hunks, gained a lot of weight over years to eventually look like a beached whale.  If you pay attention to movies and were born before the ’90’s you had most likely seen Val Kilmer in his prime. […]


6 Protein Rich Vegetables You Should Be Eating

Say goodbye to MEAT…(well maybe not, it tastes to good!) Vegetables do a lot of amazing things for your health but rarely are they looked to as sources of protein. However,  losing weight, getting healthy and feeling good, comes from focusing on the little things. Protein rich vegetable not only provide the phytochemicals to make […]


Top 5 Juicing Questions Answered

​Finally, some answers…Juicing has gotten incredibly popular over the last four years. If there was any possibility of confusing it with ‘just a fad’ before, there certainly isn’t now! Just what is all of the buzz about? Read on to have your 5 biggest juicing questions answered. You’ll be ready to blend easy and drink […]


Top 7 Foods That Will Pack On The Pounds

Nowadays it’s difficult picture what a healthy diet looks like. The large processed food companies say eat more grains, your doctor says eat more fruits, veggies and lean protein, your yoga teacher says they’re both crazy, vegetable juice only!The underlying issue is that anyone who tells you what to eat has an ulterior motive: buy […]


7 Must Have Juice Ingredients For Skin That Looks Amazing

Creating juice from organic vegetables and fruits is one of the best and most powerful habits that you ought to cultivate in the modern day. Other than leaving you with an all-natural glow, juicing helps in healing a myriad of chronic diseases and getting rid of toxins in your body organs. Therefore, juicing is not […]

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