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Discover The Truth Behind Most Weight Loss Campaigns

Weight loss diets gone wrong Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 We can all agree that there is an influx in obesity in our population. That has given rise to several remedies that have come to the market to curb the problem. However, the resulting factor is another health complication; eating disorders. These are on the rise […]


You Like it Hot? Then You are Gonna Live Longer

Hot and spicy foods have health benefits too Pin0 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 ​According to recent studies, eating spicy foods have health benefits to the body because these spices can ward off serious illnesses. ​Spices contain ingredients that are anti-oxidants, anti-cancer and anti-obesity among other things. ​It is then believed that people who consume spices are most […]


The Surprising Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Morning Meal

Pin0 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Breakfast Foods That You Should Start Shying Away From Breakfast has and always will be the most important meal of the day. It’s the very first thing your body receives after what we hope was a good night’s sleep. Breakfast fuels you to start the day right and leads you […]


Mistakes Made While Administering First Aid Every Day

The Right Procedure To Administer First-Aid Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 You are probably making first aid errors every day that can be downright dangerous. It is quite surprising how educated people continue to make first aid errors, unwittingly. Are they not able to handle emergencies because they have not bothered to learn about first aid administration or […]


A Healthy and Homemade Probiotic Deodorant-Check this out!

Probiotics is a common term but have you heard it used when talking about deodorant? Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 You’ve probably heard of people using alternative methods to the traditional store bought deodorants. With this recipe for probiotic deodorant, you can make your own too! Not only will it smell great, but you will also feel […]


Water For Weight Loss? Amazing!

A Weight Loss Remedy With No Side-Effects Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Weight loss diet routines could tend to be too tedious for many to follow with strict dietary restrictions that scare most away. You won’t believe it but here is a simple trick that works and involves drinking a couple of glasses of water before each […]


Try These Exercises For A Pain-Free Walk

Try Walking To Prevent Pain Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Walking is a great exercise and a pastime for many; however when stretched, it leads to complications like stress, lower back pains, joints and muscle discomfort that could mar an otherwise wonderful experience. A wonderful solution has been recommended by Mark Fenton, a former national team racewalker, […]


How These 3 Pressure Points Could Curb Your Tendency To Binge

Massage Comes To The Rescue Of Those Having No Control Over Binging Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Weight gain and obesity continue to haunt millions across the world with new pounds shedding therapies emerging every day. An easy solution to curb your eating instincts may lie in massage in which you apply pressure to certain areas and stimulate the […]


The Numerous Benefits Of Vitamin D

Staying Alive To The Benefits Of Vitamin D Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Like all other nutrients, Vitamin D is central to good health and well- being. Ensuring the right intake of this sunshine vitamin, showers you with a long and healthy life by protecting you from a host of complications related to cancer, depression and cardio-vascular […]


Having An Off Day? Here Are Some Supplements Guaranteed To Help You Bounce Back

Supplements As Keys To Keeping You Happy and ProductiveEveryone experiences off days once in a while. There are just some times that we are off-center, anxious, and just generally unproductive.Usually, we are tempted to treat ourselves out to dinner and a massage or, for the more budget-constrained ones, just trudge through the day in hopes […]


Amazing Foods That Are Rich In B Vitamins

These foods are natural sources of Vitamin BB vitamins have important roles in our body. There are at least 8 known B vitamins and each has important role in our body to help the body function well.  The lack of these important vitamin can bring about symptoms of health issues that may vary from a […]


Feeling Down? Pop A Few Health Supplements To Perk Up Your Mind And Body

Recharge Yourself In The Most Natural WaySometimes, a health product suffers from side effects that negate its primary benefit. But in other more fortunate cases, further research and scientific advancements actually show additional boons that have not been discovered at the time the product was even made. Aside from the obvious physical benefits of taking the proper […]

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