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Fitness :Tips To Stay Motivated

Easy ways to stay motivated Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 It is true that we need to be motivated to be enthusiastic. Motivation and enthusiasm go hand -in-hand. Only a motivated and enthusiast people can reach their goal and stay ahead of others. To stay motivated you need to enjoy all that you do. So look out for […]


Are Exercise Ball Chairs Good For You?

The office is becoming the new frontier of human health. Since most of us spend at least ⅓ of our life at work, it makes sense that new fitness equipment is actually re-purposed office equipment.  The first consideration in a long line of health concerns is the unnatural amount of time we spend sitting at […]


10 Minutes To A Great Ass!

Get Yourself Some Buns Of Steel Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Learn about moves that will help you to do multi-tasking so that you can sculpt a younger and a firmer body. Squats are not the only way to get a firmer butt and back. Squatting can become a bit boring after a while. There are several other […]


3 Simple Ways To Reduce Back Pain

Easy exercises to reduce back pain Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Have you been suffering from excruciating back pain? You will come across some one or the other suffering from back pain some time or the other in their life. So how does one get rid of it? Most of us would say merely by treating it. […]


Planking: Are You Doing It Right?

Exercise routines shouldn’t be harmful to anyone Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 In fitness and exercise parlance, planking is a term used for a specific exercise position that requires lying face down with raised tiptoes and elbows. It is believed that it can strengthen the torso and promote overall stability and balance. However, recent health issues […]


Essential Exercises to Get You Fit

Reconsider Your Gym Routine With These Bodyweight Exercises Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Pin0 Many people think that getting your body into great shape requires clocking in long hours at the gym on workout equipment or with the help of a personal trainer. However, you don’t need an expensive gym membership or complicated workout routine to get […]


Six Exercises Better Off Ignored

Pin0 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 How Not Everything Gym Rats Teach You Are Beneficial For every health guru and professionally trained and accredited gym instructor, there are twenty or so wannabe fitness instructors who presumably gained their knowledge through extensive use of Google. And by sniffing around old-school gyms frequented by old-school strong men who […]


Weights Or Cardio? Deconstructing The Myth

Pin0 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 There’s More Than One Way To Blast Through Your Workout Anyone who has tried to go to the gym learns one of the most basic terminologies in physical fitness: weights and cardio. Apparently as different as day and night, weight training and cardio training have different effects on the human […]


How To Hack Belly Fat

Pin0 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Lose Those Love Handles By Following These Quick And Easy Steps Losing belly fat is not just because of an obsession for looking good just like the models and celebrities we all look up to. A flat and toned tummy also shows that we love our bodies and take good […]


The One Exercise You Must Do!

Pin0 Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 The Underrated Power Behind Using A Medicine Ball In a world dominated by too much to do and too little time to do it, physical fitness is slowly slipping down our list of priorities. This leads to weaker immune systems, frailer bodies, and weaker physical ability. This in turn results […]


Top 4 Foods For Pre-Workout Hunger

Spend enough time asking professional runners, cyclist, yoga instructors and swimmers about nutrition, and they’ll hammer you with the importance of the “Metabolic Window”. The Metabolic Window is the 30–60 minute period immediately following your workout, in which nutrition can shift the body from a catabolic state to anabolic one. Meaning your muscles are particularly […]


Does Running Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight is a global challenge that everyone faces. There are several different methods of burning off that fat, and one of the most popular is running! It makes sense, doesn’t it? Running is one of the simplest methods to learn, and anybody running can feel themselves straining and sweating, making the weight loss seem […]

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