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Treadmill Desk – A Cure For “No Time To Exercise” Excuse

Really? A treadmill desk…does it work?The list of new-age fitness devices created in the last few years is endless. Anyone who’s fallen asleep in front of their TV has no doubt woken up to an overly enthusiastic trainer in spandex trying to sell them on the next gizmo designed to “burn the fat” and “sculpt […]


7 Ways To Walk More During The Day

Imagine for just a moment…​that you found more ways to walk tomorrow.  Would you get back on track to be healthy? The modern world is all about convenience. We can have pizzas delivered to us in the bath tub, have a car pick us up anywhere on a moments notice using our smartphones, and soon, […]


9 Healthy Reasons to Walk Everyday

If your goal is to become healthier keep reading…Walking is, by far, the most underrated exercise out there. Why? Because with the exception of athletic shoe companies, it’s hard to monetize walking. There’s no “Walking” industry. Instead, you have elaborate workout equipment and routines that are marketed through cringe-worthy infomercials. The fact that the shake-weight […]

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