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Food Based Anti-Oxidants Are Real Life Savers

Eat natural things and increase your life span

It is not about any kind of magic or trick but pure reality. Scientists have proven that acquiring some specific anti-oxidants which are found in some specific vegetables and fruits increase your life span by making the immune system strong.

Most of the people nowadays die at young age because of fatal disease. These fatal diseases occur because the immune system of most of the people nowadays is not strong. By regularly eating these vegetable and fruits you can make it strong and get rid of the danger of these fatal diseases.

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(NaturalNews) Biologists know that the thymus gland shrinks rapidly after puberty, but they have been unable to explain why this important gland turns to fat so quickly as people age. New research suggests that most people’s thymuses are missing some very important food-based antioxidants. If given the right amount of antioxidants, including Vitamin C and the enzyme catalase, the thymus can age more gracefully, keeping the immune system young and strong.

Exercising the thymus and giving it the right nutritional components gives it the capability to fight off pathogens into old age

Instead of retraining the immune system using synthetic vaccine chemicals and lab-grown viruses, healthy people can exercise their internal organs against all pathogens. They can let their intelligent natural defenses within their own thymus gland go to work. Research shows that if the thymus is given the right food-based antioxidants, it can thrive, keeping people’s immune systems young and strong as they age.

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