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Hair Removal Machines for Women

Women, Remove That Unwanted Hair

Women have a lot of issues with hair. They want to make sure that the hairs they keep are growing at the right places. If there’s any hair that grows on them that’s unwanted, they have to find a way to have them removed. That’s part of the beauty culture that they have to live up with. Unlike men, there are certain body hairs that men can live with and they can be easily remove with a razor. For women, using a razor may not be enough so they look for devices that will help them remove these unwanted hair growth.

How-to-Remove-Hair-FolliclesThere are 3 types of hair removal that are available for women: Electrolysis, Laser hair removal and Shavers and trimmers. Each one will provide an amount of pain that the consumer has to endure in order for them to get the results that they want. There’s an old saying that says “no pain, no gain,” and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you try out any of this treatments.

Electrolysis is a method where the administrator applies a small amount of electricity on the follicles that will kill the hair roots. The end result is permanent and the customer ends up happy. The sad part is that this type of treatment is very expensive. Most consumers will look for a portable device that they can use at home rather than go to a clinic for it to be administered. The American Electrology Association doesn’t recommend that consumers apply this method at home. It’s actually best to get someone who is certified to administer this rather than do it on yourself. You can contact the Association to find out who are certified to practice electrolysis in your state.

Laser Hair Removal clinics use laser to remove hair in the body. This one is closely monitored by the FDA. Hair growth is retarded and may take time before they grow back. There are some devices that can also be used which will allow you to perform this hair removal technique on yourself. The problem is the success rate of using such devices is very minimal, as reported by the FDA. According to them, it’s still best to get this treatment from a legitimate clinic or salon that has been certified to administer this on their customers.

The last method is using Shavers and Trimmers. There are some handy devices out there that can remove hair. They don’t give any permanent results but at least you know you are using something that’s safe. Shavers have been with us since man knows how to shave. The success rate of using a trimmer or shaver is still better compared to using lasers or electrolysis methods. Best of all, it is economical. You can easily get one over a store and use it immediately at home. All you will need is a can of good shaving cream and you’re good to go. Using this to remove unwanted hair is safer.

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