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How These 3 Pressure Points Could Curb Your Tendency To Binge

Massage Comes To The Rescue Of Those Having No Control Over Binging

Weight gain and obesity continue to haunt millions across the world with new pounds shedding therapies emerging every day. An easy solution to curb your eating instincts may lie in massage in which you apply pressure to certain areas and stimulate the hypothalamus; the part of your brain that triggers signals related to appetite, digestion, hunger and stress hormones.

The three pressure points to be energized when the urge to overeat troubles you, reside at the base of your neck, the back of your hands and your face. Activating them involves a simple process and does not require the use of needles if that is what may be bothering you.

Read below to learn how to control your binges.

Base of your neck

With both hands, massage the area where your hairline meets your neck on either side of the spine. This area is generally tight on everyone because it’s where major muscles connect your back and scalp, says Hsu. In addition to reduced cravings, massaging here is great for stress and headaches.

Back of your hand

With the thumb of one hand, press firmly—almost to the point of discomfort—into the fleshy area between the thumb and forefinger on your other hand for about 30 seconds. This also works well for pain relief and stress.

Your face

Massaging either your temples or the area between your eyebrows can be very effective, as both of these points are located near bundles of nerves, and stimulating them helps relax the nervous system and release serotonin, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter that helps suppress appetite.

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