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Life Hacks to Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is not an easy task, and adding in a health conscious factor can be even more difficult. Here are a few life hacks to help you get on the right path to lose weight!

Nutrition Lose Weight
Portion Control: Moderation is key!

Eat your meals using smaller portion sizes. Examine what your body needs based on food intake. Don’t consume more than your body desires.

Lose Weight with Coconut Water
Lose the Soda, bring on the Water!

Soda is loaded with sugar and processed ingredients, that will essentially pack on extra unwanted pounds. Substituting water (H2O, Coconut Water and Mineral Water) for soda will give you more energy throughout the day and help the process of losing weight. The benefits of drinking Coconut Water.

Lose Weight and Hike!
Get Outside: Enjoy the Beautiful Outdoors!

Nothing makes you feel better after you finish a hike, a run, or a bike ride. Getting outside for things you love to do! If you aren’t into working out at a gym, but you love hiking with friends, make it a bi-weekly activity. Gociety is a new website offereing a platform for active individuals wanting to do things outside and also meet like-minded people!

Wheat Wraps to Lose Weight
Wraps VS. Bread

Carbs are a big contributor to packing on unnecessary pounds. Eating a whole grain wrap with grilled chicken, some veggies, and spinach instead of having a grilled chicken sandwich with white or even wheat bread can greatly reduce your daily carb intake.

Lose Weight with Apps
Add the App

There are great apps that moderate your food and calorie intake along with your daily and weekly exercise regime. Integrating your intake and exercise into your app can help you easily measure weight loss. Here are some great apps to consider when searching. 9 best weight loss apps for 2015!

Reduce Alcohol to Lose Weight
Reduce Alcohol Consumption

You have no idea how many calories alcohol has and how it can affect weight loss. Reducing your daily and weekly consumption can have a great impact on helping you lose weight!

Alternatives to Lose Weight
Find Alternatives!

Starchy foods are our favorite foods, but reducing the intake and finding alternatives, will have an impact on helping you lose weight. Substituting a cauliflower crust for your pizza, coconut oil instead of butter, almond milk for cream; finding alternatives for your favorite foods will add to the losing weight factor, along with sustaining a healthier lifestyle! Here are a 12 recipes to utilize cauliflower in your cooking!  

Cheat Day to Lose Weight
Enjoy a “Cheat Day”

You want to be able to enjoy your favorite foods, pick out a day or two of the week to have a cheat meal. It is essential not starve yourself of your favorite foods! Enjoy them, but in moderation – and if you can, find an alternative (like wheat pasta in your mac & cheese)!

Sleep to Lose Weight
Get Your Sleep!

This is a given! To feel more energetic throughout the day, get your necessary sleep at night! Nothing is better than feeling well rested to gain the motivation to fit in some exercise for the day.

Smoothie to Lose Weight
Make a Smoothie!

It is so easy to make a smoothie, pop it in a jar or to-go container, and have it with you when you start to get that hunger craving – and they add 4-5 fruits for your necessary daily intake. Smoothies are great – and by adding spinach or beets to your fruit smoothies, you can get some of those essential fruits and vegetables your body desires to retain energy! Slim-Down Smoothie Recipes.

Lifestyle Change to Lose Weight
Make it a Lifestyle Change, Not a Short Term Commitment!

This is probably the most important step to losing weight. Exercising and eating healthy needs to be a lifestyle change, not a short term commitment. Integrate it into your life and don’t allow yourself to revert back to an unhealthy lifestyle. Listen to your body and see how much more energetic you feel after living this healthy lifestyle!