Mistakes Made While Administering First Aid Every Day

The Right Procedure To Administer First-Aid

You are probably making first aid errors every day that can be downright dangerous. It is quite surprising how educated people continue to make first aid errors, unwittingly. Are they not able to handle emergencies because they have not bothered to learn about first aid administration or is it because the protocol may have changed today?

Knowing the basic things about first aid will go a long way in managing everyday emergencies and not making a mess of what you intend to accomplish. For example, it is always smart and safe to disinfect fresh wounds, but never with an antiseptic solution.

Learn a few major first aid mistakes that you might be making below:

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Mistake: You don’t pull the splinter out.
Contrary to popular belief, your body will not push a splinter out on its own. And the longer you leave it in, the harder it will be to get out. “If you wait for it to work it’s way out, a wood splinter will just soak up the moisture in your body, become softer, and be harder to remove,” says Singletary.
Mistake: You tip your head back to stop a bloody nose.
Although it is best to elevate some injuries (like a swollen ankle), elevating a bloody nose is a big no-no, says Singletary. When you tip your head back all of the blood runs down your throat. You swallow it, it irritates your stomach, and then you throw up. “When you throw up, what comes up is blood,” says Singletary. “And that makes people scared that there’s something seriously wrong with them.” But even if you don’t end up with hovering over the toilet bowl, tipping your head back has consequences. When the blood runs down your throat, it doesn’t run out your nose—making you think the bleeding has stopped when it really hasn’t. Instead, lean slightly forward and pinch your nostrils. Apply pressure for 5 to 10 minutes and then check to see that the bleeding has stopped.

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