The Faster And Easier Way To Healing Bruises

There are no short cut methods or quick fix ideas of getting rid of your bruises instantly. However, there are ways you can adopt to hasten the process of recovery. Learn about some doctor approved tricks on how to heal your bruises faster. When you manage them properly, nasty bruises can fade away in a matter of few days.

If you are experiencing bruises regularly, there are some tricks approved by doctors that can help speed up the healing process naturally. For example, you can take a handful of fresh leaves of parsley and crush them before spreading them over your bruise. Parsley reduces inflammation and pain.

Read below to learn about how you can speed up the healing time of your bruises.


How To Heal Faster
If your bruise is changing color, that’s a good sign. What starts as a deep red-purple will eventually turn into a yellow-green, and then a golden brown before the bruise disappears. But we know that can feel like it takes forever. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to speed things along.
Dermend Moisturizing Bruise Formula Cream ($30, is one topical treatment you can use daily if you’re prone to bruising. You can also use it when you have a bruise since it’s infused with arneca, a flower that increases blood circulation and treats inflammation, says Nazarian.

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