Simplest Way To Weight Loss & Cleansing

A detox diet and weight loss plan need not be complicated

Today we are in the midst of a health revolution, and people are more aware than ever of the need to stay healthy and commit to proper diet and adequate exercise.

This suggests a shift towards overall a different, healthier lifestyle. The public’s clamor for weight loss tips, tricks, and techniques have not gone unheeded.

Here are easy and simple ways to detoxify and cleanse your body and achieve significant weight loss.


1. Drink More Water

Most of us don’t drink enough water. Keeping hydrated has many benefits, not only does it help flush toxins from the body it can also help speed metabolism. One study found drinking half a liter of water temporarily boosted metabolism in women by as much as 30% (1).

Drinking water half an hour before meals can also increase the feeling of satiation and lead to less overeating (2).

2. Far Infrared Sauna

I believe there will come a time when everyone has access to far infrared technology. These saunas are powerful in acceleration detoxification and reducing inflammation.

Far infrared saunas differ from regular saunas, the heat they emit is completely dry and the infrared rays are able to penetrate to the bone.

3. Intermittent Fasting

The lazy mans guide to fasting involves doing so intermittently. Intermittent fasting can improve digestion, help with weight loss, increase energy, promotes longevity (4), lowered risk of common chronic diseases (5) and more.

4. Aromatherapy

What’s easier than smelling the fragrant natural aromas of plants and flowers? Aromatherapy is an effective healing agent especially for reducing stress and improving mood (6).

Since stress is the number thing holding most of us back from achieving optimal health, the more methods that reduce it the better. Essential oils are also a great alternative to chemical cleaners and artificial scents.

5. Coffee Enemas

Don’t give me that look…ok I know it sounds strange but coffee enemas can be really effective for detoxification.

The premise behind using coffee is that it coffee contains cholerectic which stimulate the release of toxin rich bile from the gallbladder.


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