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Rating: 5 Star

As the mom of a stubborn 2 year old, I can say honestly and from experience that potty training is not always easy. In fact, it is one of the biggest headaches I have ever experienced. My daughter is very intelligent and very set in her ways for a 2 year old, so when it comes time to change a diaper, it’s always a hassle because she knows she is wet and just can’t sit still long enough to let me change her. She’d go naked if it was her choice, but after dealing with diapers that would soak through, a wet bed in the morning and diaper rash, I decided it was time to start working on potty training. She didn’t take to it too well at first, even though I got her cute ‘big girl’ undies, and still continued to wear diapers to avoid accidents. My daughter did show an interest in becoming potty trained, as she would ask to use the potty from time to time, but not often enough. After trying everything I could think of, I decided to check out I had heard about it from my aunt, who works with toddlers on a daily basis, and I figured I had nothing to lose.

I have to say, Carol Cline deserves a round of applause. After watching the video on her website about how to go about potty training a girl, I found new hope and motivation that I would be able to get my daughter trained. She was very down to earth and eve shared stories about her daughter, Emily, getting potty trained. She also mentioned how her daughter ruined a pair of $350 pants when she had an accident that she then wound up purchasing. I’ve been in similar situations, so the fact that I could relate made Carol seem like someone I could trust, because we’ve gone through the same things. I’m usually really hesitant about buying these how-to books online, but I decided to give it a try, because my daughter and I would soon be going on vacation, and Carol guaranteed that within three days, any child could be potty trained.

When I got the book, I immediately tried out the methods that she mentioned, and the first day, only had three small accidents with my daughter. One of the accidents was because she was so excited to actually use her potty that she peed her pants a little bit, but still finished peeing on the potty. The second day, we were down to one accident and the big girl undies were staying dry! Finally, on the third day, my daughter had no accidents, and instead, we celebrated her victory with some ice cream. Now when she knows she has to go potty, she runs towards the bathroom and shouts, “Mommy, come on”.

I can honestly say, as someone that was beyond frustrated with potty training, and Carol Cline made my experience with potty training so easy and a lot less stressful. My daughter has not had an accident and is so proud of her accomplishment, as am I. In fact, I cried a few proud mommy tears the third day when she had no accidents. If you’ve tried everything and you need help getting your little one trained quickly, get this book, video or eBook. It makes such a difference!