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Suffering from Bad Breath? Read this!

We will give you strategies to keep your mouth smelling fresh all the time

People use their mouth all the time everyday. We use it for eating and for talking or communication.

When we talk to different people everyday, it is important to keep our mouth smelling fresh all day. Sometimes, due to some factors, people develop bad breath.

There are only a few ways people know to keep their mouth from getting bad breath, that is by brushing our teeth and tongue at least three times daily using a trusted toothpaste.

The other way is by using mouth wash or gels. But are these ways enough to keep bad breath at bay?

These article will give you strategies to keep a fresh-smelling mouth so read on.


Is your breath smelling more funky than fresh? Chances are, you’ve got a plethora of odor-producing bacteria having a field day in your mouth—particularly on the back of your tongue—which is the most common cause of bad breath. The good news: A bit of self-help will usually do the trick, says Richard H. Price, DMD, a professor at Boston University Dental School. Here’s what to do.

If it’s a passing thing
 Certain foods, smoking, and alcohol can cause temporary bad breath (garlic bread, anyone?). If it’s a once-in-a-while thing, brush or floss, sip a glass of water, suck a sugar-free mint, or chew a stick of sugarless gum, says Mahvash Navazesh, DMD, chairman of oral medicine and oral diagnosis at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry.

Houston, we have a (chronic) problem
Launch an offensive against your mouth’s smelly bacteria by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, brushing or scraping your tongue morning and night, and keeping your regular dental cleaning appointments. Also drink plenty of water—a moist mouth is a less-smelly mouth; saliva helps wash away the food debris bacteria love.

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