The Healthiest Breakfast Bowl Of All Time

The Breakfast Bowl Craze

In a world where people are crazy about technology, what they eat, their health, and their looks, it is no brainer that the term ‘breakfast bowl’ has spread faster than a wild bush fire. People are now hooked to breakfast bowls and are willing to stand in a queue to get one.

People who advocate for them are not necessarily nutritionists but those that have taken their time to research about what a healthy breakfast should contain. These colorful and nutrient-packed contents are indeed what anyone needs to start their day with a bang and finish it with triumph. If you have not tried a breakfast bowl yet, you better be on your way.

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via theguardian

Forget eggs and bacon. Farewell smashed avo. The new way to start your day is with a breakfast bowl filled with kale, berries or quinoa.

These colourful bowls packed with so-called superfoods and costing up to $18 at a cafe, may be the flavour of the month, but demand for them is being driven by people with a lot of Instagram followers but not necessarily nutritional qualifications.
The appeal of breakfast bowls lies not just in the way they photograph but also in the inclusion of various superfoods.

A typical breakfast bowl includes allegedly super and certainly expensive ingredients such as Brazilian acai berries as well as almonds that have been “activated” by 12 hours of soaking.

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