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Tips and Tricks on How to Give Your Lymphatic System Some Well Deserved Rest

Your Lymphatics Need a Vacation Too

The human body’s lymphatic system, also known as the body’s drainage system, is an assistant to the circulatory and immune systems.

It is responsible for cleaning up and preparing for easy removal of interstitial fluid from tissues, the absorption and transportation of chyle and fatty acids, and the transit of white blood cells to the bones.

As with any machine, parts or sectors can break down with poor maintenance and overuse; this is the same for the human body.

Read below to learn Ways to Detox Your Lymphatic System:

via fhfn.org.


Fruit is full of acids and enzymes that cleanse your lymphatic system. For best results, try to eat raw fruit on an empty stomach. For example, start your morning with a couple pieces of fruit or choose fruit as your pre-bedtime snack.


Every other system in your body relies on water, and the lymphatic system is no different. You should be drinking water throughout the day before you start to feel thirsty, as thirst is a sign that you are already dehydrated.


On the flip side, get other drinks out of your diet. Soda, coffee, sports drinks, and other beverages can clog up your lymph system. If you have a hard time getting rid of these drinks, you can add flavoring to your water. Good options include sliced fruit or herbs.


Lymph can become sluggish and stop flowing through your body as it should. A properly-done massage can stimulate the flow. Either use a guide to do your own lymph massage or go to a massage therapist with experience in this type of massage.


Physical movement is a great way to get everything in the body moving properly. Yoga, running, and bouncing on a trampoline are all great options to try.

For more tricks to detoxify your lymphatic system, check out fhfn.org.

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