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Top 6 Foods To Improve Memory

top 6 foods to improve memory

"Do you remember that?"

top 6 foods to improve memory and be healthy

This may be a question you are beginning to hear more often. You start to wonder why your memory isn't serving up data like it used to.​

Poor memory can be a little disturbing.

When you’re in school, it’s embarrassing not being able to say the right answer when you know that you know it.

It can be even worse at work when you cannot remember something important that you needed to tell your boss.

And as a parent, it can be tactless of you to forget important dates like birthdays or anniversaries.

When you start having issues like above is when you begin thinking of ways to improve your memory.

A way to that has become popular over the years is to consume foods to improve memory a.k.a brain foods (1). These foods contain important nutrients that the brains loves.

Here are the Top 6 Foods to Improve Your Memory:


salmon are foods to improve memory

This specific type of fish will get you the healthy fat called Omega-3. This is the fat responsible for fixing ailed neurons. It also grows additional brain cells (2). Get a regular dose of this. 


berries are a superfood for memory improvement

These are touted as super foods (3). Berries are a very good source of antioxidants and stimulants which keeps your brain running at a regular pace. In fact, the stronger the exterior color of berries, the more powerful the antioxidants.


nuts are foods to improve memory

Nuts and seeds are all essential in regulating your blood flow (4). Your bloodstream has millions of nerves. The nutrients in nuts can help the blood get to where its going and nourish the body.


tomatoes are foods to improve memory

These are the richest natural source of Lycopene (5). Lycopene is a strong antioxidant responsible for eliminating free radicals which damages human cells. 

chocolate can help improve memory


Not only do we love chocolate, but our brain does as well (6). The flavonoids in these sweets can get your mind going. The darker the chocolate is, the more it has antioxidant which aids your brain health.


avocados are foods to improve memory

This fruit has a healthy monosaturated fat which also is a good source of antioxidant (7). This eases risk of hypertension which is also critical to the brains. It lowers down blood pressure. 

Eat healthy and live healthy. The world is just a blur when your mind is not upbeat. Just as you maintain and feed your physical health, you should also maintain and feed your mind.