Treadmill Desk - A Cure For "No Time To Exercise" Excuse

Treadmill Desk – A Cure For “No Time To Exercise” Excuse

Are treadmill desks effective

Really? A treadmill desk...does it work?

The list of new-age fitness devices created in the last few years is endless. Anyone who's fallen asleep in front of their TV has no doubt woken up to an overly enthusiastic trainer in spandex trying to sell them on the next gizmo designed to “burn the fat” and “sculpt your physique”.

99% of the time these gadgets are products of well a oiled marketing machine that are more concerned with profit than consumer health.

When it comes to your health, the most effective strategy is to keep things simple. Not because it makes things easier, (it does), but because our physical/mental health is profoundly tied into our evolutionary biology, and it’s not like our ancestors were using TRX bands or isometric workout equipment.

They were however walking, a lot!

Some anthropologists estimate about 12 miles a day on average.

So for hundreds of thousands of years our bodies have adapted to drawn-out, low-impact movement . But today our bodies are almost completely sedentary.

Most of our time is spent in our bed, in our car, at our desk, or on our couch. Some might think this is a benefit of modern life, but unfortunately it’s killing us.

Sitting for more than a few hours each day increases the risk of cancer by 20%-30%, increases the chance of becoming diabetic, and is considered more dangerous than smoking

Therefore, the ONE fitness gadget I would ever recommend, that has also been shown to increase productivity, happiness, and social connection with colleagues, is a treadmill desk.

Walking while you work will not only decrease the chance of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, it will improve your cognitive ability and the quality of the time you spend at work. For us workaholics, that’s 60-80 hours of our week that we’re improving.

So, where to start. You can purchase one of the more popular Lifespan treadmill desks, which run between $799 for a stand alone treadmill, and up to $2,999 with a desk set-up.

The most affordable and best reviewed treadmill desk I’ve found is the TredDesk for $499.

You could also do what this guy did, and build a desk on top of a used treadmill, which you can get on amazon for just a few hundred bucks.

Practical question: Will such a pro-active and healthy contraption be accepted at work? Yes. If someone at your office has an issue with it, politely ask them why they have a problem with you being more productive.

While the comforts of modern life may seem beneficial, in certain aspects they can be dangerous. Food is cheap to produce so we eat too much of it, cell phones allow us to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, but may be making us infertile. And technology allows to us to work globally without ever leaving our chair.

The best thing to do is to take an inventory of your daily routine, identify where you’re health is compromised, and do your best to change it.. Walking while you work is by far the best prescription against the pathology known as modern living.