Unbelievable Benefits of Celery Juice

benefits of celery juice

​You have heard it before...

It seems like every other month the media is telling us about a new ‘superfood’. While it’s great that people are discovering new foods to improve their health, many people tend to neglect foods that have a proven track record. Not only are they missing out on known benefits of celery juice and common vegetables, but they are putting their health in the hands of infomercials and hearsay.

One vegetable staple that is often overlooked is celery. People tend to associate celery with dieting simply because it has so few calories, but don’t realize that it is actually chock full of nutrients.

Why Juice Celery?

Juicing fruits and vegetables allows us to consume more nutrients than we normally would be able to by just eating the vegetable. When it comes to celery, it’s hard to eat more than a couple sticks at a time, but with juicing we can get a larger amount of nutrients into our body.

As for celery, it is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin K. It also has a good amount of B-vitamins, potassium and folate.

There are numerous benefits to juicing celery. Here are a couple of eye opening reasons:

celery juice helps clear skin

Celery Juice Helps Keep Skin Clear and Healthy

The key to glowing, clear skin is no secret. It just requires a person to take care of what’s going inside the body.

One reason people suffer from skin ailments is because they are deficient in at least one important vitamin or mineral. Celery contains vitamins A, B, C and K; all of which contribute to the role of skin health.

Celery Juice Helps Prevents Cancer

As was previously mentioned, celery is full of antioxidants that play a role in preventing the proliferation of cancer cells. A study from the University of Illinois found, “found that apigenin and luteolin, which are flavonoids found in these vegetables… seem to have pancreatic cancer-killing capabilities in a lab setting.” 

Detoxification Can Be Helped Along With Celery Juice

Juicing celery helps cleanse and detoxify the body in a few different ways. Celery is a diuretic which, as mentioned at livestrong, can, “help the body to eliminate excessive water… This flushing action of water from the body can cleanse the body of toxins through the kidneys and urinary tract.”

tips for choosing celery

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Celery

How to choose the right celery:

When picking out a bunch of celery the first thing to look for is a rich, vibrant green color. Pick up the celery and make sure he stems are crisp and firm, and that the stalks are tightly packed together.

Go Organic:

Celery is on the infamous ‘Dirty Dozen’ list meaning that it is heavily exposed to pesticides during the cultivation process. If possible, it is recommended to purchase organic.

Recipes that use celery juice:

Celery isn’t the tastiest vegetable out there (Is there such a thing?). However, the taste of celery when juiced isn’t bad at all.

When juicing it is a good idea to maintain a balance between taste and nutrition, so include a serving or two of fruit in your juices. It’s also important to add other vegetables such as carrots to the mix, as it not only creates a base for the juice, but provides valuable nutrients.

Below are a couple recipes for both juicing and blending celery:

Fresh Apple-Celery Juice with Ginger and Parsley (In Juicer)
  • ​2 celery Sticks
  • 1 Granny Smith apple—halved, cored and cut into large chunks
  • One 2-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled
  • 1/2 medium bunch of parsley with stems
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

​(Source: foodandwine.com)

Celery-Apple-Carrot Juice (In Blender)
  • 2 Celery Sticks
  • 3 Carrots
  • ½ Cucumber
  • 1 Apple