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What Everybody Ought to Know About Cleansing Diets?

The Experts Take on Detoxification

Toxins are defined as any poison produced by an organism. When absorbed by our body, it can cause diseases and can affect the body’s metabolism.

We need to flush out and eliminate these toxins to defend our body from acquiring illnesses. One way of getting rid of these toxins is through detoxification.

The most common way of detoxification in popular culture is going through cleansing diets. Cleansing diet is a diet wherein a person shy away from his normal food intake and consume only fruits and vegetables for a given period of time to give way for a “housekeeping” time for the body.

People are enticed by cleansing diets because of the idea that it promised weight loss. But medical experts say that our body has its natural detoxifying abilities.

Read what these experts have to say about these cleansing diets and if these really work:

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“Cleansing diets” trade on this most alluring idea: By limiting our intake of food to a few superpure items, we can free up the body to get rid of all the gunk accumulated in our cells.
There’s only one problem with the idea of using food, or a lack thereof, to detox: Medical experts say it’s baloney. What’s most ironic about the detox myth, they say, is that the body is already quite capable of eliminating toxins – a gift from human evolution.
“The body has its own amazing detoxification systems: the liver and the kidneys,” says Ranit Mishori, a faculty member in family medicine at the Georgetown University School of Medicine who has reviewed the medical literature on colon cleanses. “Unless there’s a blockage in one of these organs that do it day and night, there’s absolutely no need to help the body get rid of toxins.”
However, Junger writes, it is possible to get rid of them by giving our digestive system a break. That system is normally so busy breaking down irritating foods that it rarely has time to do the hard work of detox. In effect, Junger sees the average body on an average American diet akin to a dirty house that needs an occasional deep scrubbing.

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