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Why a Detox Will Have Your Body Thanking You

Everybody Needs a Reset Button

A detox, shorthand for detoxification, is the physical or medicinal elimination of toxic or unhealthy foreign substances from within a living being. A detox also refers to the body’s return to homeostasis or physiological equilibrium, from a period of consumption of substances detrimental to the body’s overall well-being.

While many people associate detox to recovering drug addicts, it should be noted that harmful substances are not only limited to drugs, but also to an excess amount of unnecessary fats and sugars from normal, everyday food and drinks. A detox may be necessary for any plain individual’s well-being.

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What is Detox?
 Instead of jumping to the “how,” let’s back up to the “what”. For several years, I was a clinician in a functional medicine clinic and even helped design some supplement products to change how the liver would metabolize toxins. When I first came to know detox, it began as a nutritional protocol. When people felt low energy or had brain fog, we would want them to “clean up” their eating by having them follow an elimination diet to avoid common allergenic foods.

Detox is more than nutritional protocol
 Through the years, “detox” has come to mean something greater than a nutritional protocol — removing barriers in one’s life is a lifelong journey. I believe that so many people are inundated with much to do and think about, that there isn’t enough “space” within to do a self-reflective inventory: do they really need this relationship or is it dragging them down? Is this job really nourishing their soul, or is does it feel like they are selling their soul? Are their emotions running them ragged? How many negative thoughts did they have today about themselves? When was the last time they “moved” or felt like they were going with the flow rather than against the flow?

In this modern age, I think we can take “detox” into a renewed meaning of carving out the quiet space within our busy everyday lives to get clear on what nourishes, replenishes, and supports our whole self. In the process, we might find out that we are intolerant of a food or of a situation, and either way, hopefully, the detox has done its resetting to get us to the place where we can move forward with a long-term lifestyle change that takes us on the path of optimal health and healing.

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