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You Like it Hot? Then You are Gonna Live Longer

Hot and spicy foods have health benefits too

​According to recent studies, eating spicy foods have health benefits to the body because these spices can ward off serious illnesses.

​Spices contain ingredients that are anti-oxidants, anti-cancer and anti-obesity among other things.

​It is then believed that people who consume spices are most likely to live longer as compared to people who do not want to make their mouth hot.

Usually people do not take spices seriously. Spices are usually kitchen staples to be a part of recipes.

Not everybody is aware of the health benefits spices can give us. So if you want to live longer, fire up and read the article below.


Spice things up: People who eat spicy foods such as chili peppers on a daily basis enjoy a 14% drop in mortality risk, compared with those who skip the hot stuff, per research in the journal BMJ. Even if you consume spicy food only once or twice a week, your risk of death still drops by 10%.

Turns out, chili peppers don’t just set your mouth ablaze: “Spices and their bioactive ingredients, like capsaicin, may have beneficial antiobesity, antioxidant, anti-inflammation, anticancer, and antihypertensive effects,” says study coauthor Jun Lv, PhD, an associate professor at Peking University Health Science Center, in Beijing.

All those “anti’s” may protect you from cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases. Lv says spicy food compounds may also change your gut microbiome in health-promoting ways.





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