5 Frozen Smoothie Packs

If you’ve ever been in a hurry and decided to purchase your morning smoothie on-the-go, you likely found doing so to be an expensive and limited endeavor.

Why pay $6 for a single, small smoothie when you could get twice the nutrition for half the price by making your smoothies at home?

Of course, you value convenience, but you should know that you don’t have to sacrifice price and nutrients to get it! Just try out these frozen smoothie packs you can prepare in 1 minute and see the world of difference they can make in your day.

Strawberry Swing

via Buzzfeed

Simplicity is the key to making a great frozen-to-fresh smoothie! The ‘strawberry swing’ has only 3 ingredients but plenty of ‘zing’ to wake up your taste buds! All you need is 8 frozen strawberries, ½ cup shredded, unsweetened coconut, and ½ cup yogurt of your choice. Just don’t freeze the yogurt with the fruit when prepping ahead, because doing so can decrease the amount of healthy probiotics in it! Instead simply write “ Add: ½ cup yogurt” on the plastic bag of your frozen smoothie packs so that you’ll remember what to add in later.

Mean Green Morning Machine (a.k.a. Green Day)

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This smoothie has four ingredients instead of three, but all of them freeze well so you’ll be free to take your time getting ready, rather than chopping and coring at the start of your day. That’s the beauty of a well-made frozen smoothie pack. All you’ll need is ½ cup spinach, ½ inch piece of peeled ginger, ½ cup green apple, and ½ an avocado. You’ll also need ½ cup water, but don’t freeze that too, or else your smoothie won’t blend into the proper consistency. Simply add it in right before blending.

Mango-Peach Madness

via Seventeen

This smoothie requires the addition of two ingredients at the point of blending instead of one, but half of its ingredients can be precut and frozen for killer convenience. The sweet citrus flavor combinations also make a great way to shake things up at the start of your day.

Carrot-Pineapple Combo

via RealSimple

There’s actually an added benefit to prepping this smoothie ahead of time and storing it in a freezer pack. If you blend it from frozen in the morning, rather than thawing it out the night before (Who has the foresight to remember that, really?) you won’t have to add any ice to the blender. This means all you’ll need to do is dump the freezer pack out, pour in the juice, and push a button or two! What could be better?

Sweet Spinach Smoothie

via RealSimple

You probably don’t readily associate the words ‘spinach’ and ‘sweet’ all too often as things stand. However, after you combine your quick spinach fix with the sweetness of seedless green grapes and the tropical twist of coconut, you might start to. This is another case where blending from frozen can save you the step of adding ice in the end. That means that all you’ll need to take the time to do is measure out your coconut milk and blend!

Of course, these five aren’t the only incredibly easy frozen smoothie packs that you can prepare in one minute. You’re only limited by freezer space, your taste preferences, and your own imagination. Which frozen smoothie pack will you be creating today?