About Max Porter

Max Porter is a Corporate Wellness expert who specializes in designing corporate health initiatives, identifying fitness industry trends, and writing exercise/nutrition content for mainstream publications. Max is the author of, "The Coachella Diet" and is a frequent speaker at fitness industry events, such as the ECA World Fitness OBOW Conference.

Are Exercise Ball Chairs Good For You?


The office is becoming the new frontier of human health. Since most of us spend at least ⅓ of our life at work, it makes sense that new fitness equipment is actually re-purposed office

Are Exercise Ball Chairs Good For You?2018-10-18T15:38:36-07:00

9 Healthy Reasons to Walk Everyday


If your goal is to become healthier keep reading... Walking is, by far, the most underrated exercise out there. Why? Because with the exception of athletic shoe companies, it’s hard to monetize walking. There’s

9 Healthy Reasons to Walk Everyday2018-10-18T15:38:38-07:00

Top 7 Foods That Will Pack On The Pounds


Nowadays it’s difficult picture what a healthy diet looks like. The large processed food companies say eat more grains, your doctor says eat more fruits, veggies and lean protein, your yoga teacher says they're

Top 7 Foods That Will Pack On The Pounds2018-10-18T15:42:47-07:00