Fitness :Tips To Stay Motivated


Easy ways to stay motivated It is true that we need to be motivated to be enthusiastic. Motivation and enthusiasm go hand -in-hand. Only a motivated and enthusiast people can reach their goal and

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Are Exercise Ball Chairs Good For You?


The office is becoming the new frontier of human health. Since most of us spend at least ⅓ of our life at work, it makes sense that new fitness equipment is actually re-purposed office

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3 Simple Ways To Reduce Back Pain


Easy exercises to reduce back pain Have you been suffering from excruciating back pain? You will come across some one or the other suffering from back pain some time or the other in their

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9 Healthy Reasons to Walk Everyday


If your goal is to become healthier keep reading... Walking is, by far, the most underrated exercise out there. Why? Because with the exception of athletic shoe companies, it’s hard to monetize walking. There’s

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