What You Eat Will Affect Your Child During Pregnancy

pregnancyWhen the second trimester comes, this is the time when pregnant women will really know that they are conceiving. There are a lot of changes that will happen in them and one thing they’ll notice is the sudden increase in appetite. The problem is during this stage, a pregnant woman may start having some cravings that are uncontrollable. They’ll start looking for food and at the same time stay away from certain dishes that they actually need.

It’s very hard to eat nutritional food especially if you have people around you who like eating junk food. Pregnant women in the second trimester are tempted to take food that are high in sodium and sugar which cannot be considered good for them. It’s okay to go for food at malls and restaurants but you have to make sure you check out their fat, sugar and sodium content.

During this period, cravings and food aversion also happens. Pregnant women will normally look for a certain type of dish to satisfy their cravings. At the same time they will avoid certain dishes that make then nauseate. Some people believe that a craving happens to indicate what the body actually lacks. So women who lack calcium, for example will look for milk based cravings like ice cream and cakes. And those that they have a lot of are being averted by their system, like vegetables. There’s no real truth to this but every time a pregnant woman in our company wants to satisfy a craving, we have to make sure that we provide it to them in moderation and continuously supply them with highly nutritious meals.

Frequent meals are also a must so as a result, they have to feed from time-to-time, at the most, 4 to 6 times a day in small quantities. When you prepare home cooked meals, make sure to freeze any excess so that during moments when the entire family wants to have some pizza for dinner time, At least there’s a nutritious left over meal for the pregnant woman in the house.

Fish is a good source of protein and omega-3 fats. Nutritionists recommend that pregnant women should only take around 2 servings per week of fish. This is because fish has high mercury content which can be harmful for the baby inside them. It’s best to avoid game fish like blue marlin, shark and all the big fish we normally eat. They are noted to have high mercury content.

Pregnant women are prone to ask a lot of things especially after they’ve surpassed the first trimester. This is the time when they’ll go for anything that they feel is nice to eat. As long as you keep them away from anything that has sodium, sugar and saturated fats, they’ll be in good hands. If we tolerate them to eat these, chances are, their babies may become too big which may give rise to some complications during child birth. Now that’s something we don’t want.