Weight loss diets gone wrong

We can all agree that there is an influx in obesity in our population. That has given rise to several remedies that have come to the market to curb the problem.

However, the resulting factor is another health complication; eating disorders. These are on the rise and are destroying people’s lives silently.

People are very cautious about what they eat, and where it is grown from, that they almost have nothing to eat. They are weary of gaining excess pounds to the point that they are not eating.

Read the article below to see what I mean.

via salon.com

Because overdoing it is the American way, we’ve now managed to warp even healthy habits into a new form of eating disorders. Welcome to the era of orthorexia.

As Heather Hansman notes this week in Fast Company, orthorexia differs from other forms of disorders in that the obsessive focus is not on how much or how little one consumes, but the perceived virtue of the food itself. As she reports, “Nutritionists and psychologists say that they’re seeing it more often, especially in the face of restrictive food trends, like gluten-free, and growing information about where food comes from, and how it’s grown and processed.” Though the term has been in use since Dr. Steven Bratman coined it in 1997, the uptick in cases is leading to a new push to formally include it in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – aka the DSM