Fitness :Tips To Stay Motivated

Easy ways to stay motivated It is true that we need to be motivated to be enthusiastic. Motivation and enthusiasm go hand -in-hand. Only a motivated and enthusiast people can reach their goal and stay ahead of others. To stay motivated you need to enjoy all that you do.

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Try These Exercises For A Pain-Free Walk

Try Walking To Prevent Pain Walking is a great exercise and a pastime for many; however when stretched, it leads to complications like stress, lower back pains, joints and muscle discomfort that could mar an otherwise wonderful experience. A wonderful solution has been recommended by Mark Fenton, a former

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10 Foods That Will Help You Look Younger

Food to Keep Your Body Healthy and Super “You are what you eat.” At some extent, this saying is true for most of us. Eating well not only controls your weight and improves your overall immune system, but you also gain beauty bonuses for your skin, hair, and even

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The 25 Dieting Tips Everyone Is Wrong About

Lose Weight And Look Good By NOT Following These Popular Dieting Trends Dieting. The very word fills your stomach with dread, makes your pits break out in a cold sweat, and weakens the bones in your knees. But if you wanna have the perfect washboard abs or that Instagram-worthy

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11 Images to Help You Be Healthier

Want to promote healthy living with images? Here are 11 images from blogs and other websites to promote a more healthy lifestyle, including healthy recipes, healthy eating habits, running goals, and more!  20 Zero Calorie FoodsFeel good about what you eat with low calorie foods! 20 zero calorie foods from

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5 Frozen Smoothie Packs You Can Prepare in 1 Minute

If you’ve ever been in a hurry and decided to purchase your morning smoothie on-the-go, you likely found doing so to be an expensive and limited endeavor. Why pay $6 for a single, small smoothie when you could get twice the nutrition for half the price by making your

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5 Black Cherry Juice Benefits

Now that your New Year’s resolutions may have come….and gone, you might be asking yourself, “What should I do now?” All is not lost! Sometimes, smaller changes come easier than large ones. If you’re looking to make a healthy difference in your life in a way that doesn’t make

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Top 5 Digital Kitchen Scales Reviewed

Your healthy goals are in full swing: you’re tracking what you eat, you’re getting your thirty minutes of exercise most days, and you’re making sure to get enough sleep. If you are looking to further fine-tune your nutrition, consider adding a digital kitchen scale to your proverbial toolbox. According

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