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Numerology seems to be where mathematics meets life coaching. Though as academic as the word may sound but not recognized as a formal branch of science, it is a highly systematic and standardized study of interpreting certain entities or events, through formulas and readings of their unique number patterns. Pythagoras, one of the greatest ancient mathematicians, believed that everything had numerical relationships. Since then, the practice of numerology has existed for more than 2,500 years, and has universally developed into several established disciplines. The most popular application of numerology today is on the interpretation of a person’s life through his own associated numbers, in order to deeply understand oneself and be ‘accurately’ guided in dealing with any future event or decision in life.


How can a person’s numerology reading be life-changing?

The most common technique in a numerological reading is through one’s name and birth details. offers a free reading based on this, by using the Life Path Calculation Chart which also explains how your core numbers are identified. These numbers are the Life Path number for one’s life and personality, the Expression number for one’s natural strengths, and the Soul Urge number for the heart’s desires. Each of these numbers provide a medium-length interpretation. If you agree with what you would read from these basic reports about you, then you may consider getting sound advice on various aspects, which is numerically in tune with your unique characteristics.

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For a more in-depth series of accurate, personalized numerological reports in all aspects of one’s life, the “Life-Changing Numerological Reading” provides these in comprehensive and elaborate detail. This is in terms of personality, career, health, relationships, finances, and other matters that determine one’s life purpose and destiny. The reading also comes with a day-by-day account of one’s future for the next two years, and a month-by-month prediction for the next nine years according to the 9-year cycle concept. This serves as a long-term, systematic guide to making major life decisions such as changing careers, taking investments, getting married, moving, traveling, and even winning the lottery at the best times possible.

A simple way to look at how a numerological interpretation works is through self-discovery, from one’s past, present, and future. Important details about your past experiences would be revealed in the report, identifying the cyclical patterns of your life. The information and insights about your present would examine your current struggles and triumphs, and how you may be wrongly or correctly dealing with them. Through your past and present, you are able to further understand your strengths and weaknesses, and learn deeper about your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and intuitive abilities. Ultimately, in your future, you would become empowered in dealing with the coming events and changes in your life. This is where you can improve yourself, and tap the best opportunities to maximize your potential in living life, making money, finding love, and other successful situations as you discover your hidden talents and positive energy vibrations. These interpretations are based on your calculated numbers, which justify the accuracy that the numerological report claims.

The numerological reading comes with 9 bonus reports and 3 bonus software programs. The topic for each bonus report is on one’s phone number, hidden personality, way to multiplying good luck, secret to success, lucky wardrobe colors and their power numbers, relationship forecast, lucky stars, palm-reading, and on how to make your dreams come true. The three software bonuses are on lucky number analysis, personality and future reading, and numerology lessons that enable you to actually read and interpret. This total package, together with the Life-Changing Numerology Reading for nine years, are currently priced at $67. This is offered by Mike Madigan, a mathematician, computer scientist, and leader of his team of experts at Some of the many celebrities and public figures where he had their numerological readings published were Matthew Broderick, Ciara, and Sandra Oh.

The bottom line: Your guided, free will

There are other forms of divination where you can compare their accuracies with numerology readings. But aside from just numbers, also makes use of complementing astrological and Chinese belief systems that result to harmonized interpretations, and is therefore our most recommendable online numerology program. Your systematic numerology reading can serve as a reliable guide to your life’s direction, in making sound choices and informed decisions. If you are convinced about how the readings would describe your past and present, your own free will would likely coincide with the success potential of your future.

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