Lose Weight And Look Good By NOT Following These Popular Dieting Trends

Dieting. The very word fills your stomach with dread, makes your pits break out in a cold sweat, and weakens the bones in your knees. But if you wanna have the perfect washboard abs or that Instagram-worthy gym selfie, it’s something you can’t avoid.

So you follow the latest dieting fads, absolutely certain that a week of intense gastromic discipline would turn your muffin top to shredded muscle. Fast forward six months later, and you’re not seeing any results in the mirror.

Have you been eating too much white bread? Was that extra cupcake after 6 P.M. the cause of those unwanted flabs? Or were you just eating the wrong way?

To find out which diet trends you should abandon, see below:

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Fat makes you fat.

Why that’s BS: It depends on the type of fats you’re eating, says Tricia Psota, RD, a nutritionist based in Washington D.C. “Fats in chips, cookies, and greasy foods can increase cholesterol and your risk for certain diseases. But good fats, like nuts, avocados, and salmon, protect your heart and support your overall health.” And when paired with a healthy diet, the right fats can help keep you from being, well, fat, adds Sharon Palmer, RD, author of The Plant-Powered Diet.

Stop snacking to lose weight.

Why that’s BS: Eating in small, frequent amounts is a great way to curb hunger, control portion sizes, and make better nutritional choices, says Mike Clancy, CDN, a personal trainer at David Barton’s Gym in New York City. “Smarter snacks like nuts, fruits, and yogurt will keep your energy levels high throughout the day.”

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