Starting Your Year Right with Simple Recipes to Help You Get Back that Healthy Body

It is not a surprise to see people rush into various diet and detox trends every beginning of every year.

A promise to engage into healthy eating habits for the entire year and losing that accumulated fats over the past year are always on the of everybody’s new year’s resolutions.

There are a lot of detox recipes out there that promises outstanding results. But the best way to detox is going back to basics and turning our attention to whole foods that are not only nutritious but recharge our bodies as well.

Here are 5 super-simple detox recipes that will aid you in achieving your detox and weight loss goals.

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Warm Avocado Toast

Toss the processed energy bars and keep this simple recipe from Tara Milhem of The Whole Tara in your recipe box for those times when you’re in a pinch. Toasted bread is topped with creamy avocado and sprinkled with cayenne pepper for a filling breakfast or energizing afternoon snack that takes just two minutes to whip up. Give the toast a protein-boost by adding an egg or experiment with other veggie toppings like tomatoes, onions, sprouts, and radishes.

New Year’s Resolution Bowl

You won’t believe how satisfying a salad can be with this combo of energizing carbs, lean protein, colorful veggies, and healthy fats. Milhem encourages us to use the recipe as a guide and then get creative with the ingredients – the perfect way to use up all your leftover ingredients in the fridge!

 Balsamic-Parmesan-Roasted Cauliflower

Potatoes tend to be the go-to side dish at the dinner table. This season, replace the starchy root vegetable with this flavorful cauliflower recipe to liven up your dinner menu, while chiseling away at your tummy. The low-calorie veggie is tossed with olive oil, balsamic, and Parmesan cheese then roasted to a slight char, giving it a crispy outer coating that complements its naturally creamy texture.

Banana-Nut Smoothie

People tend to associate juices with detoxing, but smoothies are the smarter route. Not only are they lower in sugar, but they utilize the whole fruit and vegetable, upping the fiber content for a more filling meal or snack.

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